Hollandus Landing Chapter 433: Maryse Savatier part VIII

I had to find some friends would would like me for the right reasons when I first started studying here.

One unlikely friend was a certain composer in training.

She was tuning up her cello in the hallway of the music center at Leyden Avalon.

I was about to go to music appreciation class during my first semester. She wasn’t part of my mentor group with some other freshmen. I haven’t seen her in the international students meetings, so she had to be from here although she does look ethnic.

“Can I help you with something?” This mousy voice was directed towards me.

I cleared my throat before answering the cellist.

“Umm, I was looking for one of the practice rooms. I was told to look at them for part of an assignment.”

“They’re downstairs.” She pointed with her bow.

“Thanks, what was your name?”

“Yasmina. I’m a music composition major here.”


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