Hollandus Landing Chapter 438: Maryse Savatier part XIII

I was back in the present after the memories flooded in. I really started thinking about how I was to others. I had to ditch those arrows and not be like Cliona.

After studying for all these finals, I decided to give her a call.

“Hello, Maryse.”

“Hey, Yasmina. How’s it going with your composure?”

“I think you mean composition.”

“Yes.” I giggled a bit. “Sorry about that. I’m glad you knew what I meant.”

“It’s going great. I’m going to be commissioned to score a dance piece very soon in town.”

“As we say where I’m from, that’s magnifique!” I cheered her on. “Great job.”

“Thanks. I’m glad I met you. I knew you weren’t a snobby person to me, and I’m happy we’re able to talk sometime.”

She saw me as a decent person. Aww…


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