A Self-Promotional Post About My Other Blogs (In Which I Try Not To Look That Selfish)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Hollandus Landing chapters to tell you about something else.

For those of my followers and casual viewers who were unaware, I have additional blogs dealing with other forms of content.

Ospreyshire: This is my avant-garde/spoken word project. It’s just me with some experimental sounds as a wax poetic on different tracks. I also release a Katauta video every Wednesday. If you want my debut EP “Verses Vs. Anhedonia”, then you can download it at your own prince (including FREE!) here or Zap Records’ Bandcamp page!

Autumn Peal Media: This is where I post photo and video projects every week. I’ve done concert videos, music videos, sports highlights, art photography, travel photos (most recently from my trip to Ecuador earlier this year), and more. You can also check out my Vimeo page to see my entire video portfolio with over 200 videos strong! I post things Thursdays and Saturdays with the occasional new video on Tuesdays.

Iridium Eye: This blog is a film review labor of love. The stuff I review on here every Saturday involves the likes of indie films, world cinema, documentaries, short films, anime, art house, lesser-known animated films, or some random obscure movies. I also give my honest opinions regardless if my thoughts are popular or not (usually the latter) with fans. Expect some snarky humor, media theories, trope name-dropping, and some adjustable ratings for those with different tastes than mine. If you’re looking for some good movies you’ve never heard of, then come to Iridium Eye.


-C. M. B. Bell


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