Hollandus Landing Chapter 485: Seiya Mizuno part XX

“How did your project go?” Clover asked me.

“Better than I expected. I managed to pass on such short notice.”

“Sweet! I knew you could do something great. Are you going to play those songs live?” Tyson wondered.

I just chuckled a bit. “Maybe. I need some more solo material. I just don’t want my stuff to be garbage like a certain pop star who goes here.”

“Come on, Seiya. You don’t need to go that far.” Clover tried to stop me from my contempt for Kalyani. “Just be happy that you got that EP done on time.”

“Will do, Clover.”

Clover and Tyson had a point. I should do some shows with my solo songs, but also not worrying so much about her.


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