Hollandus Landing Chapter 492: Isaiah Kaplan part VII

“It’s great that you don’t find my ideology and my dancing to be mediocre.” Galena said. “So, let’s work out the rest of the performance. Did you also come up with staging, props, lighting, and anything else?”

I whipped out my smartphone and got out my online notes saved on the cloud.

“That I do. How do you feel about mock swords and shields? We could use those for Edmunston and for Valor’s forces.”

I showed her some of my random ideas while she nodded and shook her head at different things.

“The swords and shields can work. We could go to either the party shop or that one carnival mini-museum to pick some of that up. I’ve heard both places have actual magicians in their employment, so they’d know a thing or two about props.”

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