Hollandus Landing Chapter 498: Isaiah Kaplan part XIII

We all got inside as we got our things ready.

I grabbed a shield while Galena donned a sabre.

Yasmina was in the corner armed with her cello, a music stand, and the sheet music of the composition she created.

Like a conductor, she used her bow like a wand and gave us a four count before starting the music.

Galena looked possessed as soon as the cello started playing as she lunged with the sabre while elegantly dancing as I blocked with my shield.

Our steps were in pure coordination with the tempo and the mood of the piece.

Her eyes were filled with a warrior’s wrath. I know she was playing a part, but for just one second, I thought she was serious.

If I could read minds, I’d bet anyone she was thinking.

“How’s this for emotion?”


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