Hollandus Landing Chapter 537: Paulson Truax part XII

“Thanks for your advice, Mrs. Reynosa. I’ll get to work on one of those potential projects.”

I had envisioned which ones could work for my little idea. Where could I come up with inspiration?

I was at the school library finding whatever I could about engineering and inventing things.

As I devoured whatever knowledge I could find, I heard some chatterboxes a few tables away from me.

“It looks like your show’s going to sell out in town!” One girl exclaimed in this otherwise silent area.

“I know, right? She’s going to break Hollandus Landing attendance records with this hometown show.” Another one stated.

“Whatever you say. I’m glad I have a great promoter team. This show’s going to be lit.” It was Kalyani bragging about her show in a room that should have lower decibels.

I couldn’t take it anymore.


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