Hollandus Landing Chapter 562: GA-Alpha XVII

Once we got back, I introduced GA-Omicron to my workforce.

I had to be snappy because they’re going to want to know his name.

“Hello, everyone. Even though this isn’t Take Your Kid to Work Day, I thought I would show you my son.”

“Wow, he looks just like his dad.” Was something my employees said more or less.

“What’s his name?” Another employee asked.

I knew they were onto something.

“His name is also Garth, but you can call him Junior if you like.”

GA-Omicron looked up and raised his eyebrow. “Junior? Really…” He whispered before I nudged him. “Yeah, I’m Garth Almassy , Jr. I know it’s hard to keep track of two Garths in the same room.”

That’s my boy.


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