Hollandus Landing Chapter 577: GA-Omicron part XII

After my first day of school, I went to this house near the outskirts of the city. There were gated communities around that would make the Hamptons look like inner city Detroit by comparison.

At least Geneva Labs and RWO gave me a luxurious place to stay.

I went inside and sat on a mahogany chair in front of an Italian marble table.

“Dad, it’s your younger looking production model speaking.”

“Yes, Junior. How was your first day of school?”

“Uneventful, but I do have some data for you. These teens are unmotivated and too apathetic to question me. Although one girl named Clover said my hands were too cold.”

“Yes, and…” GA-Alpha said.

“She didn’t think I wasn’t human, so I guess these humans can be naive.”


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