Hollandus Landing Chapter 604: Rhiannon Veryzer part XIX

The next day, I decided to try to make amends.

It all started with a note I put in her campus mailbox.

“Ms. Lindita Selmani,

I haven’t been kind to you for years.

I want to make up to you for the things I’ve said back then.

Meet me at the Leyden Avalon Cafe at 12:30 PM.

-Rhiannon Veryzer”

I wondered if she would respond.

Once 12:29 rolled around, I waited and there she was a minute early.

“Rhiannon. I’m here and I’m a minute early. What’s this about you trying to make up for the things you’ve done or said to me?” Man, Lindita sounded really serious around me, but I don’t blame her.

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