Hollandus Landing Chapter 617: Kalyani Misra part XII

After class, BeBe walked with me as we went down the hall during a passing period.

“Kali, you were scary out there. I’ve never seen you so flipping mad before.” BeBe noticed.

“Sorry. I wasn’t angry at you. It’s just that no one gets to question my authenticity.” I told her. “That’s one way to get on my bad side.”

“Yeah, but you can’t let anyone get to you. I’m not going to treat you like an enemy, but I think you’re going to deal with much worse if you and your band get huge.” BeBe advised me. “Imagine all the crap you’ll hear or see online and real life once you have chart toppers or platinum records.”

“Hmm…that’s not a bad point.” I said. Of course that went out the window when a certain Seiya Mizuno walked by.

He was another target of mine.


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