Hollandus Landing Chapter 618: Kalyani Misra part XIII

“What’s going on? Thinking about your stupid punk band?” I had to give Seiya a preemptive verbal strike since I know he was going to drag me down.

“No, but now that you brought it up, we’ll be playing a show with The Originator’s Fury next week. I’m stoked about that show and I’m glad to play with a local legend like Elijah.” He replied. “Not that you’d want to go, but it’s something I care about.”

I just laughed in his face. “Good luck getting thirty people to your show. I know that hundreds are coming to see some real music.”

Seiya then got on the defensive. “Because nothing says real music like backup dancers and pitch-corrected vocals.”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, SEIYA?!?” I exploded when he made that quip against my music,


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