Hollandus Landing Chapter 638: Bethany Cloudforest part XIII

Continuing my borderline creepy voices, I added some dialog almost on the fly.

“You’re telling me.” I used a raspy voice like a snake for a different character talking. “When did it become a compliment to be considered savage with what some human teenagers say?”

I switched back to the lower gravelly voice. “You know, I’m not surprised that humans would flip it into something positive. You see, only humans have been savage enough to exile us from our land and slaughter us like animals while claiming to be some kind of revived warriors from some so-called creed.” I cracked a sinister smile before I went on. “How fitting of them doing what we couldn’t dream of pulling off. Projection much?”

Paulson was chuckling after he heard this sample.

“Bethany, you should do some satire or dark humor.” He complimented me. “I never saw that kind of humor from you before.”


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