Hollandus Landing 676: Regis Oulette part XI

I could sleep easy knowing that the plan was going through while I could just lay back while not having to worry.

Maybe a game of croquet at my mansion would suffice.

Before I could plan on using my mallet skills, I received a call from Garth.

“Yes, Garth.” I responded.

“Your honor, we have some unexpected turbulence at Leyden Avalon.” He told me.

“What, did you hit some clouds while flying over here?” I joked over the phone. I mean, there’s no way he’s say anything tumultuous to me or in my presence.

“We caused some fatalities at Leyden Avalon University, and some of them are fighting back.”

My heart stopped for a second. I only wanted to apprehend those that know about RWO and Geneva Labs.

I didn’t want any blood on my hands.


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