Hollandus Landing Chapter 684: Regis Oulette part XIX

Those words felt like someone choking me out. I tried to fight back against the creator of Edmunston and the Dragon Witch, but the words weren’t coming out of me.

Before I could even muster up any kind of response, I heard a knocking on my door.

“Your honor, are you doing alright?” That was a voice from one of my interns from the other side of the door.

I cleared my throat before answering her.

“Yes, sorry. I was just on the phone with someone important.”

I’m glad no one saw that, but it felt like Sylvester came back from the dead. I couldn’t lie about that.

This was just too much.

I never was anything like Valor.

I never committed genocide or exiled anyone out of Hollandus Landing in my life.

How could he accuse me of being like the villain?


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