Hollandus Landing Chapter 692: Dragoslava Stefanovic part VII

My hands became tingly as some surges of tiny lightning emerged from my fingertips. I shot out some electricity to a small group of those robots.

The voltage was enough to short circuit them.

That man who was with Xiuying’s eyes widened when he saw what I could do.

In the middle of him and his Macauan friend (they had to have known each other in some way) were beating up more machines, he asked her this.

“Did you see that woman shoot lightning at those robots?”

“That’s right, Lisandro. Dragoslava and I go back a little bit.” Xiuying responded.

So, this guy’s name is Lisandro? Alright.

“Looks like this Dragoslava person and I might have a little something in common then.” He quickly responded before taking another one down.

Well, Lisandro and I know Xiuying, so that’s common ground between us, but what did my lightning abilities have to do with him? He doesn’t come across as someone with superpowers like Aries and I.


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