Hollandus Landing Chapter 715: Jonathan Gold part X

The details were insane.

“To Garth Almassy Sr and His Honor Regis Oulette,

I’ve been succeeding in gathering information about the students not just at Hollandus United High School, but also Leyden Avalon University.

There are some loser kids like Seiya Mizuno, who’s a Japanese-American boy who made a folk punk solo project that’s supposed to be social commentary.

There’s also a senior whose name is Paulson Truax. He’s a Romani adoptee originally from Milwaukee who wants to be an engineer and did a project based on Edmunston and the Dragon Witch.

I will send you more information on them and many more so RWO and Geneva Labs can keep tabs on people who might be more conscious.”

This was a rough draft for something that had to be just plain bad, to say the least.


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