Hollandus Landing Chapter 720: Jonathan Gold part XV

“Hold up, Garth. Why would you need to research people at Hollandus United?” I fired right back.

I wasn’t that smart, but he unintentionally revealed himself about his plans.

“That’s none of your business, you cretin. Give me back the note.” Garth shot his hand out expecting me to just hand it over to him.

“I don’t have it.” I got out my backpack and put it in front of him. “You can look at the contents if you think I’m lying.”

In a heartbeat, Garth opened up my beat-up gray backpack and scoured through my things more thoroughly than TSA at the airport. He found my notebooks, pens, pencils, and my animation concepts. He looked over everything and then put it all back exactly where he found it.

“Fine. You’re telling the truth.” Garth admitted. “Although, I wouldn’t trifle with someone like me.”


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