Hollandus Landing Chapter 737: Lindita Selmani part XII

“All you people have slandered the Revived Warrior Offices once you read those libelous pamphlets on your precious campus.” That booming voice reverberated through the building. “For this, you all have to suffer.”

Darina shook her fist and she screamed towards the ceiling to wherever the voice came from. “What are you going to do? Trying to kill us all?”

There was silence as a response.

“I don’t care who you are, but once more people know the truth, you’ll be the one suffering for all the damage you caused.” Darina kept on breathing fire to whoever she was talking to. “You’re just like King Valor by hurting others while trying to maintain your public image!”

I was shocked with all the passion she had in her. Then again, this comparison she made was all too appropriate given her theatre acumen. In my head, I was applauding this actress.

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