Hollandus Landing Chapter 740: Lindita Selmani part XV

I noticed that those three looked a bit beat up and were sweaty like they were so busy being an understaffed rag-tag rescue team.

“That’s great, but how did you find us and why do you want to help us?” I asked them.

“It’s part of our duty and I’m not going to let some rogue company capture some college kids.” Windsor told me in a matter-of-fact way.

“College kids? I graduated last year, you know.” Rhiannon corrected the private eye.

I looked back at my former mentor. “Would you prefer me leaving you back there gagged and bound?” She immediately shook her head. “That’s what I thought.” I heard Darina giggle a bit in the background.

“Sorry it took us a while.” Fatiyyah added. She cocked her hi-tech gun. “We had to deal with those machines in the auditorium before saving everyone we could find.”

I couldn’t imagine Leyden Avalon becoming a warzone. Windsor, Fatiyyah, and Yamikani wight as well be wearing white helmets in this situation as we were under attack like those brave souls from that one documentary I saw recently.


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