Hollandus Landing Chapter 753: Clover Sangsorn part VIII

That’s right. It’s hard living in this city and not hearing about Sylvester Wheeler at least once in one’s life.

As I mulled over his most famous book Edmunston and the Dragon Witch, I believed in my heart of hearts that the two words I did art with could have prevented the whole tragedy from going down. Think about it.

If Valor just owned up and said that he exiled and slaughtered those creatures in Sybari’s community (while facing imprisonment or death in the process), none of this mess would happen.

Also, if Edmunston found out the truth before he fought and killed Sybari, they may have reached an understanding. They could’ve unified the commoners and the creatures together in a rebellion.

Great, now I sound like a fanfic writer. Oh, the suffering that the words “what if” conjure up…


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