Hollandus Landing Chapter 758: Clover Sangsorn part XIII

I noticed that Jonathan was in the room. For some reason, his expression changed from a nervous wreck to looking stone faced.

“Jonathan, why aren’t you scared anymore?” I asked.

This change in demeanor was so odd to me. No offense to him, but I would picture him freaking out more than me.

The speakers went on.

“Attention, Hollandus United High School staff and students!” It blared. “The school in on lockdown. Stay in your classrooms until further notice.”

I figured this would happen, but a bit surprised how soon it was.

“There has been an explosion using an unknown material, and school security in liaison with HLPD are dealing with the culprit at the moment.” The person on the speaker continued.

“Who would do such a thing here?” Mrs. Reynosa wondered out loud.

I was thinking the same. If this happened in a nice suburb, that response would be an even bigger cliche.


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