Hollandus Landing Chapter 759: Clover Sangsorn part XIV

They said it was an explosion of an unknown material? Did someone invent a new kind of explosive or something?

I’m not super into science or anything, but this sounded scary. If Mrs. Reynosa couldn’t figure it out if she were in the scene, I don’t know who could.

The rest of the people in the class was silent assuming if they weren’t murmuring or crying that this tragedy was going on.

Was this going to be a Ghastly Graduation 2.0 despite only being a few weeks away from Summer Break?

This would only get scarier as the door of the classroom was ripped open.

The class shrieked when they saw a scuffed up Garth Junior.

He looked right at Jonathan with a death glare.

“Are you ready to die, Jonathan Devin Gold?” His academic demeanor was gone when he spoke.

Jonathan surprisingly smiled and told the class “Now do you believe me?!?” While shouting at everyone.


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