Hollandus Landing Chapter 760: Clover Sangsorn part XV

Garth Junior ran towards Jonathan like a rabid dog and Jonathan ran towards him, too.

That transfer student punched Jonathan in the gut, but he fought back by trying to take him down. There was a desk in the way and it cut a part of Garth Junior’s face.

Any other person would be bleeding right now, but I saw something that really disturbed me.

Instead of crimson coming out of that cut, it was a dark silver.

“Garth, why is that cut metallic?” I shouted.

He got back up and looked straight at me.

“I guess I cannot hide this fact anymore.” Garth Junior coldly spoke. “I’m not human. I’m an android created by RWO.”

The whole room gasped when he said that and saw his partially metallic face.

“That and I’m going to kill Jonathan. He’s what you all would call a snitch.” He continued.


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