Hollandus Landing Chapter 764: Clover Sangsorn part XIX

“Garth Almassy Jr., or should I say GA-Omicron. Surrender now and put your hands in the air!” One officer ordered.

This was a SWAT unit from HLPD at our school and I was terrified.

“We know about that bomb you placed in the school and you breaching data from Holladus United and Leyden Avalon.” Another one called out to that machine.

“I guess I can’t win them all then.” Garth Junior whispered before firing at one of the policemen where he was shot down. The whole class gasped when they saw the shots fired from that mechanical villain.

The SWAT team immediately rushed in to grab Garth Junior to take him away. Those people were brave in dealing with some superpowered criminal.

“You put me down now! My father is a powerful person and he’ll put all of you in jail!” Garth Junior complained as he was being carted away.

He’s lucky to have been taken alive.


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