Hollandus Landing Chapter 769: Seble Arlington part IV

“I’m not here to show off my scars though.” Elijah said. “I came here for two things: seeing my uncle Wapasha and to ask you about Sylvester Wheeler’s non-fiction work ‘Slow-Motion Coup’.”

I wasn’t surprised about the first one since Elijah did visit the campus once a month and was involved in helping out some activities that Dr. Giroux curated, but I shouldn’t be surprised about asking for that book.

I checked the system from the computer in the front desk. There were several other books from Sylvester Wheeler except for that one. “I’m not seeing it. Let me try the inter-library loan system.” I searched and I couldn’t find that book across the libraries in the state or even the country.

I thought I’ve seen it before, but I guess it’s not now.

Please don’t tell me it was removed if this is the same book that Elijah thought of.


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