Hollandus Landing Chapter 770: Seble Arlington part V

“Elijah, I’m not seeing it in our local or inter-library systems.” I told him.

He just shook his head while grumbling a bit. “Why am I not surprised? I should’ve seen this from a mile away after the damage that’s been done to this city.” Elijah then looked at me. “You know what that book is about, right?”

I didn’t know all the details, but I had to wager some kind of guess. “This is another of Sylvester’s books that talked about wealth inequality and systemic racism.”

“You’re half-right, Mrs. Arlington.” He pointed it out. “Yes, he does talk about those things in detail under the concept of intersectionality, but what the main crux of that book is about how companies are basically taking over governmental functions in a slow-motion usurping process in ways that the haves don’t want the have nots to know.”

Wow, it must be serious if the book was censored.


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