Hollandus Landing Chapter 773: Seble Arlington part VIII

“How did you find that book of all things at a random thrift shop?” I quickly asked him.

“Beats me, but I couldn’t say no to a book that was only three dollars especially a Sylvester Wheeler one.” My husband said that as if he found a gold mine in town.

“Do you know what that book is about?” I continued throwing out questions to him. “I had someone earlier today at work asking for it and it wasn’t even in our databases much less the inter-library loan system on a nationwide level.”

“Are you serious, Seble?” Waverly slowly realized the situation at hand and put the book on the counter. “That sounds like some censorship going on. Why would anyone want to censor Hollandus Landing’s most famous author?”

Waverly, I know you got the lion’s share of some good books at a thrift shop, but I was going to have to educate you.


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