Hollandus Landing Chapter 775: Seble Arlington part X

These events were too surreal for me and there have been times where I’ve wondered why I came over here to this country.

Of course that’s no offense to my American husband since I think the whole world of him. No hard feelings, Waverly.

I would never have dreamed of anything like that happening back when I was in my native Ethiopia. Granted, I lived in one of the poorest countries in the world and I know about some of the ills from that nation, but I thought people here would be better than this.

No one back in my home country would ever pull off this kind of devilry especially ones involving death machines. We have companies getting away with things that if some normal citizen did the same thing, they would be in jail right now and that’s regardless of race or class as others would and should point out.

What a tragic irony being here in a first world nation.


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