Hollandus Landing Chapter 785: Seble Arlington part XX

“Want to give it a try, Seble?” Waverly said. He passed me the gun.

This was so bizarre, but I shot the last robot that was functioning and I got it right in the head.

“I can’t be the only hero there.” He told me. Once we looked up, we saw the robots sizzling with electricity while they were downed.

“Are you two, okay?” One of the surviving cops asked us.

“Shaken up, but we’ll manage, sir.” I answered.

“It’s good that you two are safe. If only we can shut down RWO for their madness.”

At least we had some officers who were doing their jobs and trying to serve and protect others. It was refreshing.

It just made me wonder what else everyone was up to with that diabolical company.

Waverly, you’re very brave when we still should’ve hid.

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