Hollandus Landing Chapter 792: Damon Sun-Park part VII

I was in my office and Regis showed up at 1:59:01 PM.

“Punctual like a king, aren’t we, Regis Oulette?” My back was facing him until I turned around seeing him in front of me. That big burly mayor did sweat and pant a bit when he saw me. Part of me wanted to smile as I held his feet to the fire.

I was in the driver’s seat for once, and I was going to make every second succulent to make him squeal.

“I’m here, so let’s get this over with.” Regis said.

I hooked him up to the polygraph machine and the Exomoon battery lit up with a luminescent purple.

“Let’s get started, oh dishonorable mayor.” I taunted him in my typical deadpan voice.


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