Hollandus Landing Chapter 793: Damon Sun-Park part VIII

“Question One: What were your plans about attacking people with the robots in downtown or at a local gym?” I began this interrogation.

“I had no plans in that. They were beyond my control.” Regis answered me.

I wrote down his answers and the graph gauged his response as the battery still glowed purple.

“Question Two: What do you know about the combatants against the robots? They are Dragoslava Stefanovic, Aries Ironheart, Xiuying Shanxi, and Lisandro Vicario.”

“I know nothing about the last two.” Regis responded. “With Dragoslava and Aries, I invited them to be a part of Geneva Labs’ program, but the experimentation done to them was something I didn’t find out until afterwards.”

The graph skipped a bit, but returned to normal.


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