Hollandus Landing Chapter 795: Damon Sun-Park part X

It printed all of the answers and the veracity of Regis’s responses in such a quick motion on one page.

I thoroughly scanned through all the answers he gave. He was sweating and breathing so loudly as if he just finished a marathon. Perhaps I’m more of a rigorous interrogator than I thought. All of the answers had one unifying effect to them.

“Regis…” I began revealing the results to him. This felt like one of those trashy talk shows that people get their schadenfreude on. “You were telling the truth the whole time.”

I extended my hand out while Regis exhaled deeply.

“Now do you believe me, Damon?” He coldly asked.

“I do for now.” I told him before I reached for my holster hidden in my lab coat. “If you lied to me, then your deputy mayor would get an instant promotion.”


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