Hollandus Landing Chapter 801: Damon Sun-Park part XVI

“What are you talking about, Dr. Saqqaf?” Regis’s voice trembled. “We never stole any patents or–”

His dialogue was cut short by a warning shot. Fatiyyah glared at the mayor while pointing her gun at him.

“Why are you shooting at me? We’re partners!” He pleaded.

There was some laughing in the background.

“Just admit it, Regis. We all know where you got most of the patents from.”

It was GA-Alpha smirking while he was down.

“By the way, you’ve always thought of yourself as Edmunston. I’m going to make that comparison quite apt.” The robot said. He made sudden moves while Fatiyyah’s finger was on the trigger.

One gunshot later, Regis’s head caught an array of hi-tech bullets. His blood got on my lab coat and pants.

“What’s the matter, Dr. Saqqaf? I did you a favor.” GA-Alpha told the robotic scientist.


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