Hollandus Landing Chapter 802: Damon Sun-Park part XVII

Ironically enough, that gunshot woke up that inspector.

“Windsor, you’re alive.” Yamikani said.

I noticed that bullet hole that was on that portly detective’s chest revealed an undercoat of black and gray layering.

Windsor just grinned despite the pain and waking up from being shot earlier. “Have kevlar vest, will travel.” He just laughed off some of the agony even though he was oblivious to the execution of the mayor seconds before he came to.

“Aw, seems as though everyone’s reunited.” GA-Alpha sarcastically stated. “Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing my son again, but neither will you see your mayor.”

Fatiyyah, Yamikani, and I pointed our firearms towards GA-Alpha.

He just laughed despite being withing firing distance. “Oh, well. I might as well tell you my plan as cliche as this will be, not that I’m a villain or anything.”

What was he rambling about?


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