Hollandus Landing Chapter 803: Damon Sun-Park part XVIII

“Go on and talk.” I threatened GA-Alpha. “Just know that you have multiple gunmen in this room who would be more than willing to eviscerate you.”

GA-Alpha just smiled despite the obvious warning to him. “Fine, I’ll cut to the chase. We here at RWO decided that there was too much information leaked out to the media. Our only solution was to plant Exomoon bombs all over several locales from the people who retaliated against us.”

“What?! Don’t you know how unstable that resource can be when weaponized?” I actually yelled for once at him.

“Where they are is irrelevant.” GA-Alpha replied. “Oh, and by the way…” He then looked at his wrist with a cracked smartwatch revealing the time. “They start detonating in three seconds citywide.”




I heard explosions coming from this very lab itself and we all tried to escape. The bombardment came from several areas, but only I made it out alive despite the rest of their best efforts.

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