I can’t believe I finished this cell phone novel.

Can you believe it, everybody?

For 6 months and 810 chapters later, I finished Hollandus Landing. Thank you for following me through this ambitious journey.

I have a few things to say about working on this project. The thing is that I’ve written some traditional novels and cell phone novels before over the past three years, but I haven’t published them yet. This blog allowed me to muster up some bravery in order to finally post something for once. I needed to have something to show for it. Hollandus Landing is the longest cell phone novel and I’ve never written anything using forty different perspectives with the events happening in this fictional Wisconsin city. It was fun trying to frame the stories like a slice-of-life thing until it evolved into something more. Using parallel stories and projects to the more perilous parts was creative. I never thought I’d be able to make a cell phone novel done the “right” way (posting the chapters online with no outlines) to make a complete story.

Now that I got Hollandus Landing out of the way, I will be taking a hiatus from writing novels. I will post some much shorter stories from time to time like some microfiction for the time being. Feel free to follow me on TaleHunt @Tocsinchronicle to check out some flash fiction.

Seriously, thank you for supporting me and for reading my works!

-C. M. B. Bell


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