TaleHunt Tuesday: #IsOrginalityDead

It’s been over six months, but I’m now returning to doing TaleHunt Tuesdays. For those of you who’ve been subscribed while I’ve been posting Hollandus Landing chapters, allow me to explain.

TaleHunt Tuesday is a feature where I post some flash fiction that’s from my TaleHunt account. TaleHunt is an app where people post microfiction 250 characters or less. It’s like Twitter, but with stories instead.

TaleHunt is a free app to download for both Apple and Android devices. You can follow me @tocsinchronicle.

Without further ado, here’s the story.

I was worn out by the celebrated copies as the innovators became unknown and vilified.

The desire to stop the cloning began with a pen stroke. I wanted something unique.

Yet, the clones raised my work.

I was arrested for being original.


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