Crimson Sunlight: A Complete Twiction Serial in 7 Chapters

Lanford McCartie fell into a land adorned with gray with a crimson sunlight.
“How did I get here?” he wondered.
“It was that necklace.”
That malachite arrow necklace brought him to this strange world as soon as he donned it.
Then, Lanford saw shadows crawling towards him.
“Holy crap! What’s going on?” Landford panicked.
He then noticed a dagger at his side.
“I didn’t bring this.” He said.
It would be used.
The shadows sped towards him like torpedoes.
Lanford had no choice but to stand his ground.
One haphazard swipe sliced one shady denizen.
Lanford’s eyes grew when he saw the shadow perish.
There was no time to soak it in as a claw slashed at his arm.
He winced while he bled.
“Take that!” Lanford bellowed before severing the darkness in front of him.
Despite the agony, he soldiered on till the last shadow fell.
After the fray, Landford started chuckling until he erupted with laughter.
His eyes matched the crimson sun.
“Now I can be feared.”

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