Future Character Spotlight: Sigrid

Here’s the second edition of the Future Character Spotlight series!

For this little story, I have written something for a completely different character for a fantasy series. This story is much more lighthearted than last week’s. Her name is Sigrid. She’s a dragoness who’s quite snarky and tomboyish while also having an ability revolving around the opposite element that other creatures like her are typically associated with.

It was just another day in my lagoon more or less. The sun shined, the water was clear, and most of the woodland critters stayed out of my way since they knew what would happen if they got near me. I was fine all by myself just taking some time to relax in the water. 

Then some idiot had to interrupt my precious me time.

“Halt, you cruel beast!”

Holy Shenlong…here comes another stupid St. George after me.

I just sighed and glared at him while I was still in the water. “What do you want?”

This was another dime a dozen guy in shiny armor who looked like he worked out a lot. He had this big brown shrub of a beard on his chin and he carried this sword almost as big as him that had a red jeweled blade. I’m sure he got paid a lot in his career of killing things in my species and others around here.

“I’m Sir Ignatius the Immolater. Prepare to meet your doom, you dark blue she-demon!” He boasted while raising that sword. I just shook my head, but I felt like egging him on. I swam up towards him and got myself out of the lagoon. Then, I laid down on my side in front of him while he stood there. At least he doesn’t seem to be intimidated by me even though I had to have been six feet taller than him, had a mouth full of fangs, and clawed fingers.

“Whatever you say.” I snarked at him while still lying down. All I did was just smirk as he yelled and ran at full speed with that fancy broadsword of his at me. Ignatius lunged and aimed right for my chest. It felt like a poke to me which made me raise my eyebrow a bit. He then repeated that stabbing attempt while muttering a mix of grunts and swear words.

“Why won’t you kill this monster?!” He screamed at his sword. “You’re supposed to slay fire breathers in a matter of seconds.”

A huge laugh erupted out of me when I heard his complaints. “Seriously, Sir Ignatius?” I said to that dummy trying to stab me. “Why are you even working as a St. George? Do you even know what species I am?” He eventually stopped while being covered in sweat.

“Actually, I don’t.” He confessed. “I thought this Anti-Infernis sword would work against all of your kind.”

“That explains why you couldn’t kill me.” I lectured to him before I decided to get up while he was covered by my shadow given my physique. “I’ll give you a hint as to what species I am. I think you’re working so hard…” I said sarcastically to him. “…That you could use a shower.” I smiled as he tried to figure out my hint before I opened my mouth and hosed him down with my hydro breath. He was sent flying to a nearby tree where the water pressure took him there away from me.

“Impossible! You’re a lagoon dragon!” Sir Ignatius realized what I was.

“No, really?” I taunted him. “Let’s see, I’m dark blue, I have an upright body, and I hang out at bodies of water like that lagoon over there.”

“I can’t believe that I was bested by you.” He whimpered. “I’ve fought dragons that were taller and were in more athletic shape than you. How could I fail?”

“I’d start by not underestimating ones who breathe water.” I verbally smacked him. “That and your little quip about my girth was pathetic.” I decided to walk over towards that stupid St. George and got in his face. My yellow eyes pierced his. “You wanna continue?” He just shook his head. “That’s the smartest thing you’ve done so far.”

“Sorry for being on a mission to slay you. I’ll just find another job.” He said to me. “What’s your name?”

“Sigrid.” I answered. “You should be lucky I’m not interested in killing you. I think what I did to you was punishment enough. Now if you excuse me, I gotta get back to relaxing in my lagoon without any St. Georges ruining my day.” I turned around and walked towards my little body of water before turning my head. “Got it?” I saw him in the corner of my eye as he ran away all soaking wet. I just smiled as he got out of my sight and I slowly went back into the water.

What the Fafnir? All these St. Georges need to be smarter. 

At least it’s not some bratty princess trying to cause trouble. Don’t even get me started on royals being total dummies around dragons like myself.


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