Future Character Spotlight: Gavril Mircea/Dhampir

Happy New Year!

This week’s Future Character Spotlight involves a superhero that I came up with a few years ago. His real name is Gavril Mircea, but his nom de superhero if you will is Dhampir. He’s a Moldovan-American man in his early twenties who is a mutant that gives him some vampire-esque looks. Dhampir may be on the shorter side, skinny, and is a bullied for his looks, he makes sure no one messes with him.

“Someone get the garlic!” Someone joked as the other people laughed at me. I was on the ground after some wannabe tough guys decided to rough me up at this sanctioned school where someone like me can get an education. In Salvo City, it was the place for special people like me. I was classified as a mutant given my genetic set up and my particular abilities. I looked like the average human except for the fact that I had fangs and paler than average skin.

“What did I ever do to you guys…” I meekly spoke to my oppressors before someone shoved me down.

“Cause you’re a freaking vampire and not even the sparkly kind.” They fired right back. “Why couldn’t we get other mutants besides you? We don’t like your kind here.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t the opportunity to use my typical powers since I was taken by surprise, but there were other ways when my rage was increasing.

 I jumped back up and those bullies took a step back when they saw my eyes glowing red and my canines increasing by half an inch. “You think garlic’s going to stop me?” I growled to them. I couldn’t hold back my emotions. There was a transparent field in front of me that I materialized.

“Aw, looks like this little vampire’s got a barrier. I’m so scared.” The lead bully said. I then thrust my hands towards the barrier and it flew at great speed towards my enemies which pushed them all back against the wall. I ran towards the lead one and my fingernails became claws.

“Are you done messing with me now?” I said in a gravely voice. My normal voice was higher and some would call slightly effeminate, but I had the tenor of a vengeful beast when I talked to them. I reached my claws around this idiot’s neck and made contact with the skin while he just froze as my crimson eyes stared at him.

“Dude, we were just joking around and–” He was interrupted when I started digging my nails into his neck a little further. I wasn’t impaling him like my name was Vlad (which it wasn’t), but it poked him enough to bleed.

“You people disgust me. Sure, I’m not some macho guy or have a lot of muscles, but I will hurt anyone that dares to threaten me or my friends. Got it?” I growled to him. “You see, this is what happens when you trifle with Gavril Traian Mircea, but you can call me Dhampir since you think I look like a vampire.” He then passed out before I retracted my claws. I became an agent of fear back then even when my main goal wasn’t to be the next Dracula. I was a bit ashamed with how I acted because I didn’t like baring my fangs or looking menacing. “Now if you excuse me, I got to go do my nursing school homework…”


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