Pre-Order My Next Three Books!

Hey there, everyone!

I recently set pre-orders for three of my books. All of them will be released on May 18th. Here’s the scoop on the next three books.


In the far-flung future, humanity has escaped earth’s decaying state and fled to the stars via quasarships. One such ship had reached a planet called Nesotauri which could support human life and the humans settled in a ghost town named Kyvariz.

One cook at a local restaurant in Kyvariz named Izzy is busy living life with his job and rooming with his friend Carmichael until someone stange enters the town. A native Nesotaurian woman named Naryxi shows up and this was the first contect between species. However, fear sets in the town and trouble is afoot as a massive kidnapping takes place. What can Izzy and his friends to to stop the madness both in and outside of the town?

Piteraq Dusk:

The world became much colder in the Northern Hemisphere. In just a few centuries, countries became icier and snowier in this new landscape.

Meet Jaroslav Chevak. He’s a courier in this Arctic town. On one day, he was hired to deliver a mysterious package several miles away across the desolate blizzard-laden landscape. Jaroslav and his sentient hovercraft Yukihime have to brave the elements and other dangers to make sure the package is delivered on time.

Transparent Sabbath:

Demons have been terrorizing society, and some people have been trained to put a stop to it.

A demon slayer by the name of Wentworth goes around to protect innocent humans, but he was never appreciated. His disfigured face and scary demeanor has frightened many people as they assumed he was a demon himself. During this issue, there was a mysterious church that opened which has drawn several parishioners by the truckload as it is lead by the charming Graziano. However, the demon infestation has increased while this shelter showed up. Wentworth and a fellow demon slayer by the name of Candelaria team up to get to the bottom of this disaster.

Kyvariz will be up for $3.99 while Piteraq Dusk and Transparent Sabbath will be $1.99. Those are great deals for a novel and those novelettes respectively.

Pre-Order Kyvariz here:

Pre-Order Piteraq Dusk here:

Pre-Order Transparent Sabbath here:

So far, the pre-orders are currently available on Kobo, iBooks, and Angus & Robertson, but more stores will be added over time.


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