Character Interview: Wentworth from Transparent Sabbath

Here’s an interview with one of my characters. It’s the demon slayer Wentworth from my novelette Transparent Sabbath.

C. M. B. Bell: Alright, everyone. Say hello to Wentworth! How’s it going?

Wentworth: I’m alright, Mr. Bell.

CMBB: Sure. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

W: Yes. I’m based in Ela City, Illinois, but I’m originally from Beloit, Wisconsin. I considered becoming a demon slayer when I noticed that so many people were in danger after various portals were opened which allowed these hellish creatures to enter into this world. It was my duty to protect others even though not everyone appreciates what I do.

CMBB: I see. Out of curiosity, why do you wear a mask?

W: [takes of mask to show a scarred-up face] This is why.

CMBB: Wow. I’m sorry to see that. I won’t ask you how you became that way.

W: That’s alright. Whenever the people I rescue happen to see my face, they consider me to be a demon much like the ones I quell. It’s a shame that people assume that only attractive individuals are considered heroes.

CMBB: Shame on them. They should be thankful that you got to save them. People really need to stop watching mainstream movies. Okay, so how does one become a demon slayer where you’re from?

W: For starters, you have to register in one of the many guilds propped up. It would be wise to get training done and to analyze various demons around. Some could be small, while others are bigger than most humans. Interestingly enough, some of the strongest demons out there look like angels. What a cruel sense of irony.

CMBB: Indeed. That is surprising. What’s your weapon of choice?

W: That would be Morphogenesis. It’s a contraption that can switch between a gun and a longsword. This was something I made and it has certainly saved many lives I was sworn to protect.

CMBB: Very good. Anything you want to say to the readers?

W: Never judge how good or how evil someone is by their looks.

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