Character Interview: Fayiz “Izzy” El-Amin from Kyvariz

Hello, everybody! Hope you all are doing great over here. My next guest hails from the planet Nesotauri. It’s none other than Izzy El-Amin from Kyvariz!

C. M. B. Bell: How’s it going, Izzy?

Izzy El-Amin: I’m doing just great. Pleased to be here.

CMBB: Sure thing. Tell us a little about yourself.

IE: Well, my real name is Fayiz El-Amin, but you all can call me Izzy for short. Some people have had trouble pronouncing my full name as it is. I’m from this rural town called Kyvariz on planet Nesotauri where I work as a cook at a local diner there. Despite the fact that I’m from another planet, I do have a connection to Earth even though I’m from the future compared to this current timeline.

CMBB: Well, you aren’t the first person I interviewed who’s from another timeline, so don’t feel bad. So what do you normally cook at your workplace?

IE: We do a lot of breakfast dishes, but I guess you can say that we specialize in typical “American diner” food. Of course, I haven’t been to America until now, so I couldn’t tell you anything besides the fact that the stuff we serve such as pancakes, sausages, crepes, and other stuff has been popular for centuries.

CMBB: There is truth to that. What’s Nesotauri like?

IE: You know, it’s actually a lot like how Earth is right now. The climate and air feels really similar. No offense, but a lot of the technology here is ancient to me though. Hahaha! Kyvariz used to be a ghost town, but it’s become a colony for all us humans. Some of the older people who first landed here are descended from Earth.

CMBB: That’s because you’re from centuries in the future, so I can see where you’re coming from. You said that you and your fellow Kyvarizites have connections to Earth. How did all of you emigrate to this planet?

IE: I wasn’t born when it happened, but I know that Earth got overpopulated and really polluted, so several countries came together to find some habitable planets. The ship where these first-generation Kyvarizites came from took decades to get there in hyperspace travel. I’m not super familiar what Earth was like, but I can tell you that my grandparents came from a country called Algeria. Heard of it?

CMBB: Yes, I have! That’s in Northern Africa. The capital is Algiers, and the national language is Arabic.

IE: Gotcha. My parents taught me English, Arabic, and French which was pretty cool.

CMBB: Very nice. So what are some fun things to do in Kyvariz?

IE: We have some festivals that happen every year over there. We have some harvest themed ones, and we also have an anniversary of when us humans landed here. There are also some bars and clubs where people play stargrass music which is really popular here.

CMBB: What’s stargrass?

IE: Stragrass is like bluegrass, but with some electronic instruments. Imagine some violins and banjos against some synthesizers and other things.

CMBB: I’m trying to picture that, but all I could think of is that “Cotton Eyed Joe” song by Rednex.

IE: That must be an obscure ancient piece of music.

CMBB: Well, they were one hit wonders before your great-great-great-great-great grandparents were born. Anyways, you have any good friends in Kyvariz?

IE: A few though. I’m not a guy who actively makes friends all the time, but I’ve got three people in mind. There’s my roommate Carmichael, and two recent friends Isadora and Naryxi.

CMBB: Some friends are better than none. That’s what I say. What are they like?

IE: Carmichael is quite the character. He’s really extroverted and even a ladies’ man, but I think he needs to lay off the alcohol though. Carmichael gets really silly when drunk, but he’s harmless. There’s Isadora who’s a cosmetologist who moved in from the next town over. She’s really cool. I met her when she stopped by work and ordered something. She really liked what I made and we started talking a lot. Maybe this could lead to something good. Naryxi is a Nesotaurian woman who really likes to give hugs to people and try to be other people’s friends. I don’t want to use the A-word to describe her since her people are from this planet.

CMBB: The A-word?

IE: It’s alien, but us humans on Kyvariz are the aliens over here. She has blue skin, is definitely tall, and has these elven-like ears with two points on them. Naryxi has these glowing orange eyes which kind of creeped me out at first, but she’s really friendly though. She doesn’t speak English unless she has a universal translator device in her ears.

CMBB: Gotcha. Can’t say I’ve met too many blue-skinned people from other planets. So what are your main goals?

IE: I want to own my own restaurant.

CMBB: Nice. Any kind of food specialties?

IE: As much as breakfast food is easy to cook and everything, I want to expand my horizons. I would like to try some bistro cuisine or some Algerian food that my family has prepared when I was a kid.

CMBB: Hey, the more ethnic cuisine, the better. Hahaha! Alright, thanks for everything, Izzy. Nice to meet you.

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