Hollandus Landing got featured on NoiseTrade!

Today was a huge day for me in my author life.

NoiseTrade actually promoted my cell phone novel Hollandus Landing on their book page. At the time of this post, my little cell phone novel is #1 in the Top Downloads section for their books. I even saw a real-time feed of downloads and my own book showed up multiple times. This is so unreal to me. No platform has ever given me this kind of promotion before. This was something I did chapter by chapter for 6 months straight last year, and now I’m getting more readers.

I’m just flabbergasted and I don’t know what else I can say. I hope people enjoy this experimental piece of fiction.

Join the party and download Hollandus Landing at https://books.noisetrade.com/cmbbell/hollandus-landing!

Thanks, NoiseTrade!


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