Give Me 5: Hollandus Landing

I need to try something new for my blog after not posting anything for a while. I’m going to call my segment “Give Me 5”. This will be a little post about 5 fun facts about the books and stories I’ve written. Let’s start with Hollandus Landing.

1. Hollandus Landing is the longest cell phone novel I’ve ever written at over 94,000 words. I’ve written other cell phone novels, but I’ve never published them yet. Stay tuned.

2. Some of the locales and buildings in the book reference other Wisconsin towns. Part of it deals with the creation of the city being a merger of several towns in this alternate timeline. For example, Leyden Avalon University is named after two different unincorporated towns in Rock County (Janesville metro area).

3. Certain characters reference various cartoon and book characters. Some are more obvious than others. Hee hee hee…

4. Some of the characters are from places I’ve actually visited. Rozenn is from Antioch, IL which I’ve been to before. Ayesha is from Albany, NY which I’ve visited en route to VT (weirdly enough, I’ve never been to New York City). Those are a couple of examples.

5. I want to create some side-stories and spin-offs of Hollandus Landing. I’m just saying.

This was just a brief little experiment. What do you think? Feel free to download Hollandus Landing for free or at your own price on NoiseTrade!

-C. M. B. Bell


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