Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 2

Goodbye, Silver Spring.

Hello, Rutland.

I remembered us being uprooted up east as my dad got a new job up in that state. I stayed silent as we packed and moved up to New England. Whenever I had downtime, I would sketch out these planes that may have been shoo-ins for some sci-fi movies. God, my imagination was too wild sometimes especially if it dealt with anything that flew.

Even when I started practicing archery to find additional hobbies, all I could think about was the speed and trajectories of those arrows as they whizzed to the targets.

Even when I tried the violin for grins and giggles, I pictured each note soaring into people’s ears whenever I played decently. It certainly made some ears bleed my first few months of practicing that instrument.

I didn’t know how to deal with being some flatlander in this mountainous state when I came here before my sophomore year.


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