Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 7

I just had to read what this next one said. Maybe whoever’s piloting these planes was trying harder to insult me assuming if they weren’t expose to another kind of paper planes as some teens were wont to do which was quite unfortunate.

Inside the folded fuselage was a picture of what I thought looked like an attempt to make a futuristic plane that fell nose-first into the ground with the back half snapped off. Seriously, guys? As stupid as the drawing was, I noticed the text underneath it said another three words.

“Just give up.”

I felt my lips quiver and my fist shake. I snapped my pencil in half and jumped out of my seat.

“Who’s throwing those paper airplanes at me?” I shouted in the middle of class. The class became dead silent when I raised my voice.


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