“Hollandus Landing” by C.M.B. Bell

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Hollandus Landing

by C.M.B. Bell

Genre: Literary Fiction/Suspense/Alternate Universe/Cell Phone Serial

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This is a cell phone novel that was originally serialized back in 2017 finally in book form. In an alternate 2017, there’s a city in Wisconsin called Hollandus Landing. This particular metropolis is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and it’s known as “Heaven in the Midwest”. However, Hollandus Landing harbors a dark secret underneath this utopian sheen. The stories from forty different people interlock in both the mundane and dangerous moments in this hub of over 130,000 souls inhabiting this place. Forty souls, a conspiracy, and a fantasy book from a late local author coincide with these individual tales going on in Hollandus Landing.


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