Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 20

Reality smacked me right in the head again and I had to go back to that quarter-finished piece of paper. I erased as many imperfections as I could and started over.

It was an hour of trial and error until it started to click. I kept putting my pencil to work as it started shrinking under the pressure of whatever drawing prowess I had.

This sketch concept was finally done. It was a giant air fortress that looked like a floating castle that may have been invented a millennium in the future. There were turrets, a giant ring base below the ground that held it up, and there was a megalopolis inside with numerous buildings.

I even drew my green and blue plane flying out from this stronghold.

After much thought, I finally christened this dream plane Regno Trionfale.

A little foreign language name wouldn’t hurt.


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